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Managing your Comet Admin Account

This guide teaches you everything you need to know to manage your Comet account, from how billing works, to setting up automatic payment, to resetting passwords, to properly opting out an account.

If you’re still on a trial and need more time to test Comet, just email us at and we’ll extend your trial for you.

How to reset my password

To log in manually, go to your My Servers page and click on Comet-Hosted Settings. Here, you’ll find the URL to your Comet-Hosted Server Web Interface.

To reset your password, click on Forgot Password in the login page and enter the email address registered with your Comet account. We will send you a link to reset your password. Follow the prompts from there.

Side note, if you reset your Comet-Hosted Server password, the auto-login from My Server will no longer work. This is because your Comet Admin account currently doesn’t provide authentication to the Comet Server, so there will be a mismatch of credentials between your Server and admin account.

Instead, you’ll have to log in manually to your Server Web Interface using your Comet Admin account credentials.

The same thing will happen if you turn on 2FA in your Comet Server – you’ll have to manually log in to the Server Web Interface moving forward.

How to add account users

You can add multiple users to your Comet account. Just log in to your Comet account at, and go to My Account.

Under My Account, go to the Manage Users tab. Here, you can add Users and choose their level of involvement with the account (e.g., they can only billing notifications to sort out issues with payment).

How to set up payment

Once your account goes on negative balance, your Server license gets disabled, so it’s really important to set up automatic payment. Your backups will resume as soon as you’ve credited your account. If you encounter any errors with payment, please reach out to so we can sort it out.

To set up automatic payment, in your Comet account, click on Billing, then Add Credit.

After adding your credit card to your account, click on "Configure automatic payments…"

Click on Automatic Payment and set conditions for your payments. You can choose to automatically purchase credit x days before your credit is used up (i.e., make a purchase 5 days before I run out of credit, etc.).

You can also choose a default credit pack to purchase. Credit packs that are valued at $1,000 and higher will give you free extra credit.

How billing works

All fees are recurring monthly charges. Devices and boosters are charged on a 30-day basis, and these fees are calculated and charged to you real time. You will not receive a lump invoice at the end of the month.

Fees start to apply on a connected device after you have added a protected item (the protected item itself will also be charged on the same day when it is added on a device).

The Comet-Hosted Server fee is broken up into daily charges, so you'll see $1.63 charges daily on your account.

If a User is Suspended in the Server (you can do this under User > Actions > Suspend), they will continue to accrue charges for the period of the suspension.

If a User is deleted, and then devices with the same device IDs are later re-created, the data has still been stored for that period of time and services have been provided, and the system will apply back-dated charges to fill in the missing period.

You can view your upcoming charges under Billing > My Active Services.

Here, you’ll find all the items you are being charged for and how much they cost you.

You can export your active services in a CSV file.

How to view your past charges

You can view your previous charges under My Dashboard.

Export your Latest Usage in a CSV file to filter your charges by date and view your monthly charges.

The CSV export will show the item being charged (whether it’s a device, a Comet-Hosted Server, a booster type, etc.) as well as the corresponding fee for that item. If the item is a device, you’ll see the Device ID.

You’ll also see the credit pack used to pay for the item cost.

How to opt out of Comet Storage powered by Wasabi

To opt out of Comet Storage powered by Wasabi, log in to your Comet account and click on Billing > Active Services.

Here, look for the Comet Storage Powered by Wasabi service, and click on Manage.

You’ll see how much data you have been backing up to your Comet Storage daily. To opt out, click on Unsubscribe! Type CONFIRM to finish unsubscribing.

How to opt out a device

In your Comet Server, access the User and click on the Devices tab. Here, click on Revoke.

Revoking a device disconnects it from Comet and stops backup operations and charges.

How to opt out of your Comet account

To close out your Comet account properly, you need to remove your credit card under Billing > Add Credit. Here, click on Manage cards… and delete your credit card.

You need to delete Comet-Hosted Servers to stop charges. To do this, go to your My Servers page, and delete your Server (Admin Options > Delete Server).

If you are using a Self-Hosted Server, you’ll need to Archive it in My Servers as shown in the screenshot below.