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Software Documentation

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This documentation is aimed at system administrators and/or MSP (Managed Service Provider) partners with a valid license.

The backup software consists of two components:

  • Comet Server, a server-side application that manages user accounts and stores backup data; and
  • Comet Backup, a client-side application that performs backup and restore operations on a user's device.

Comet Server is offered in two packages:

  • Self-Hosted (formerly Comet Enterprise), in which you install Comet Server on your own hardware; and
  • Comet-Hosted (formerly CometGo!), in which you access a managed instance of Comet Server running on Amazon AWS.

There are two release branches of Comet:

  • Major releases every quarter, with patches and long-term support to ensure a stable experience for your customers; and
  • Comet Voyager every one to two weeks, adding the latest features and application compatibility, that eventually becomes the next major release.

This documentation is available from two locations:

  • Online at, where it refers to the latest released version
  • Offline in your Comet Server install directory in the docs/ subdirectory, or from the Help menu in the Comet Server Service Manager app, where it refers to your installed version

If you need any further support, please open a ticket from inside the My Account section of

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