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Comet Job Statuses


Jobs in Comet, such as backups, restores, or updates, have multiple statuses that can be associated with them to indicate the state/result of the job. This is shown on the job report page and in the Status column of the job history page.


SuccessThe job is complete and was successful.
RunningThe last information the server received from the device is that the job is currently running.
Running (revived)The job was thought to have been in an Abandoned state but updated the Comet Server with a running status.
WarningThe job is complete but there was a problem that may have resulted in issues with the expected result.
ErrorThere was an error during the job and it did not fully complete.
Quota ExceededDuring a backup job either the "All protected items" quota or "Storage Vault" quota was exceeded.
MissedThe job did not start at its scheduled time.
CancelledThe job was cancelled manually, a device shutdown was detected, or the backup time limit was reached.
SkippedThe backup job was skipped as there was already a backup running and the "Skip if already running" option was enabled.
AbandonedThe job has stopped unexpectedly or has been manually marked as abandoned by an admin.

If you need help with an error message or understanding why a job is receiving one of these statuses, please have a look at our Troubleshooting Guide.