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February 2023: What's New?

· 4 min read

"What's New?" is a series of blog posts covering recent changes to Comet in more detail. This article covers the latest changes in Comet Voyager over February 2023.

There were just three Comet software releases during February - two in the 22.12.x Voyager release series, plus the launch of our latest quarterly series 23.3.0 "Leda".

February is a short month, and it was also a quiet month for new feature development as we focused on quality assurance ahead of the new quarterly software release. Most new feature development this month has been held back as a result, so you will see many more exciting new features land in the 23.3.x "Voyager" series when it reopens shortly next month in March.

Better email reports

The latest 22.12.x versions of Comet included improvements to the email reporting features that launched at the start of the 22.12.x series.

The Recent Activity email report template now includes a table legend in the email footer, helping to distinguish the color series from each other. By way of comparison, when you view Comet Server's Recent Activity page in a web browser, it's possible to hover the mouse over each color segment to display more detailed information about the breakdown of different job types. However, email is a more limited technology medium and an equivalent hover feature is not available. The legend is a simple solution that makes the Recent Activity email report more accessible to Comet Server operators who are not yet familiar with the colors.

The email feature has received more attention to detail, leading to us developing additional fixes for email report previews; for filtering the subset of customers; and for partial configuration of time boundaries.

Better granular restore

Another one of our areas of focus this month has been the granular single-file restore system, that now shares some common core functionality across both the Disk Image and Hyper-V Protected Item types. Granular restore now supports more types of NTFS compressed file, including a fix for files that have been compressed with the LZNT1 algorithm. We also fixed an issue with reading single files from within NTFS partitions that have a highly fragmented MFT (Master File Table).

Additionally, we have fixed additional issues with the new Hyper-V single-file restore if a single Protected Item contains multiple virtual machines with multiple VHDX images, as well as fixing cosmetic issues when toggling between Protected Item types in the Comet Backup desktop app.

Better syncing with Gradient MSP

There have been improvements to the process of syncing Comet data with Gradient MSP. As a reminder, this is an external service that can correlate your Comet user accounts and storage usage with RMM invoices in systems such as Autotask, Syncro RMM, Connectwise, and many more.

The latest versions of Comet Server allow more fine-grained control of the connected feature set; the ability to toggle sending backup job failures to the RMM; optimizing the number of alerts that are sent; and providing clearer error messages if there is an error from Gradient's service.

Comet 23.2.0 "Leda"

All of our focus on bugfixes this month has been building up to one thing - a smooth and seamless release of our latest quarterly milestone software version. This time, it's named "Leda", and this rolls up the whole quarter's worth of 22.12.x enhancements into a new fixed point for you to build your business on.

Like Comet's previous recent quarterly software releases, "Leda" is named after a moon of Jupiter. Jupiter has a great number of moons and more are continuing to be discovered. When Leda was discovered as recently as 1974, it was one of Jupiter's 13 known moons. Today, Jupiter has 92 known moons, with the most recent discovered just this month in February 2023!

You can read the full release notes for Comet 23.2.0 "Leda" to see the full details - or if you'd prefer to watch rather than read, I'm hosting a webinar next week to discuss this new quarterly release and all its new features. Please register for a notification before we go live on March 7th (PST) to catch up on all the latest Comet news with me - there will be a free live Q&A session after the presentation.

As well as that, we have many more videos available on our YouTube channel, including guides on getting started with Comet, individual features, demonstrations with our technology partners, and webinars for previous quarterly software releases.