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Syncro Integration Announcement

· 2 min read

Written by Callum Sinclair - Product Engineering Manager

We're pleased to announce the Syncro integration with Comet is now available. This has been a popular feature request and we are pleased that partners can now monitor their backups through Syncro's RMM platform.

Who Is Syncro?

Syncro - Helps you scale your MSP buisness with efficiency and ease.

Transform how you manage customers and your business with RMM, PSA and remote access in a single platform. The streamlined workflow allows you to focus your time and energy on what you're an expert in – providing solutions for your clients.

How The Syncro Integration Works

With the Syncro integration, you can access RMM alerts in Syncro's platform when a Comet backup job fails or doesn’t run. This allows you to see your alerts in one place, rather than logging into Comet, and troubleshoot before you lose any business critical data.

If you are interested in configuring this integration, you can read our guide here.

What To Expect

When a backup job fails, a new RMM alerts will be created. You can see this on the Open RMM Alerts page in Syncro. An example of how this will look is:

If the failure is due to an intermittent issue, Comet will clear the alert when the backup job succeeds again.

This means you no longer have to login to your Comet Server to check if backup jobs are running successfully or not.