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Self-Hosted Comet Server Pricing Change

· 3 min read

Dear Partners,

We announced a change to our Self-Hosted licensing this week, and I’d like to take some time to provide more context. We have received feedback, both positive and negative, with many constructive insights – thank you to those that have been in touch.

Since launching in 2017, Self-Hosted has evolved into our enterprise solution which allows you access to features such as:

  • Setting up tenant accounts
  • Multi-server replication
  • Support for on-prem storage
  • Access to our full API
  • Scalable solution for resellers and distributors

Comet-Hosted does not support these features, which is why its price remains $49/server/month. Please check out our product pages for Self-Hosted and Comet-Hosted for a full comparison.

We’re committed to helping MSPs provide great backup services. In order to fulfil that mission and to grow the product, we need to adequately support and resource our development team. As our business grows to meet your needs, our pricing model needed to change.

Increasingly, we’re finding that more end-users are skipping their MSP and are buying Comet directly. We have always supported a Channel-first approach. We stand behind the value that we know MSPs offer their clients. It’s important to us to honor that commitment and drive business to our MSP partners.

With our previous pricing model, we were seeing a disproportionate number of signups choosing Self-Hosted, based solely on price. They spent a lot of time setting it up, and we spent a lot of time helping them configure a product that didn’t necessarily suit their use case. The purpose of this price realignment is to match customers with the product that best fits their needs based on feature set rather than a default price.

We understand that for some of our partners this is a big change. We are here to help you navigate this transition and figure out what is right for your business. Whether you want to stay with Self-Hosted, migrate to Comet-Hosted, or work with one of our trusted resellers or distributors, we are here to help you. Feel free to reach out to us at to discuss your options.

Thank you,

Josh Flores
General Manager
Comet Backup

We’ve had some questions, and I’d like to address a few of these here:

Q. Have there been any external influences on this decision?

A. No, we’re a privately owned company. Our only influence has been to reflect the true value of Comet’s Self-Hosted enterprise-level features and benefits as well as the time and effort of our excellent support and onboarding team.

Q. Could you have verified / confirmed MSPs and businesses before they could access Self-Hosted?

A. We have heard it loud and clear that having to book a sales call to access a product isn’t well liked. This is why you can start a free trial with Comet at any time.

Q. Are you wanting to migrate users to Comet-Hosted to then put up the price there?

A. We have no plans to change the price for Comet-Hosted.

Q. Could you have just charged users for support?

A. This has the effect of discouraging people from reaching out to us. We’re here to help, and we want our partners to succeed. Our support remains free.

Q. Are any other areas of Comet’s pricing affected?

A. No, this pricing change only affects Self-Hosted Server licensing.