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Interview with Cynny Space founder

· 3 min read

Recently we announced compatibility with Cynny Space, an Italian cloud object storage company. We also posed some questions about Cynny Space's technology, pizza preferences and more to their founder/CEO.

Founder/CEO Andrea Marchi

Q1. Hi Andrea, can you give us an introduction about who and what Cynny Space is?

Cynny Space is an Italian based cloud Object Storage provider. We developed a fully integrated hardware and software solution to deliver durable data storage for businesses with sustainability in mind. Our solution brings a number of benefits including; greater agility, improved security, durability and energy efficiency - all of which help to alleviate costs and enhance user experience.

Q2. We’re seeing quite a bit of competition in the cloud storage space, how does Cynny Space set itself apart?

Our company objective is to provide the most efficient and eco-friendly storage platform – so that’s what sets us apart. We are also highly competitive price-wise thanks to our innovative technology. We develop all the technology internally, from hardware design to the unique self-healing swARM file-system. We are extremely eco-friendly. Our tiny, energy efficient ARM micro-servers are part of the vision we have for a greener planet. The energy they save is impressive - annually the equivalent of CO2 emissions absorbed by three adult trees.

Q3. Can you tell us about your technology stack and why you decided on it?

We designed the first ARM® server engineered for optimal data management. Measuring 8.3 x 3.4 cm, it is the smallest server fully equipped to store data. Thanks to the server's small size and a smart use of physical space, Cynny Space's is able to offer both high computing power and rack storage density without a single point of failure.

The large number of microservers are connected to the net without a layer in between. The filesystem (SwARM) is made up of nodes that work in concert within a distributed peer-to-peer architecture. This allows the nodes to deliver service continuity and cope with hardware failure. All nodes are equal, and none is fundamental for the system to operate. The workload is spread across many points, making the File System reliable and fast. The system self-organizes, self-configures, self-optimizes, and migrates self-heals.

Q4. Why should partners consider EU hosting instead of US?

For EU companies, the GDPR is quite an important point. Keeping data within the EU is very important. Moreover latencies and just the psychological idea of having them close by are important factors as well.

Q5. What's the benefit of using a standard S3 api instead of something handrolled (or even something legacy like WebDAV or FTP)?

Being compatible with tools that are Amazon Web Services ready helps to open our solution to many activities. And then it’s more secure thanks to HTTPS protocol.

Q6. For backup providers, especially in the EU looking for secure storage for their backups what is the advantage that Cynny Space can provide

Transparency: our pricing is straight forward and doesn’t entail costs to recover data, to write or just to request

Safety: data is stored with the most advanced system, built using state of the art ARM microservers

Price: our price is 1/3, 1/4 of the big players

Support: we are very customer-first oriented and problems are handled by the very engineers who created the system

Q7. Very important final question - should pineapple be on pizza?

Pizza and Pineapples should never end up in the same phrase, let alone on the same dish!

Thank you for your responses Andrea!

You can view more about Cynny Space here: