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· One min read

This version contains an important security bugfix. Please upgrade as soon as possible.

Changes compared to 22.2.0

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a security issue with cross-Tenant information disclosure
  • Fix an issue with excessive logging of "Excluding system path '.../@eaDir' when running backup jobs on Synology NAS clients
  • Fix an issue where enabling and disabling SSH access on a DSM 6 Synology NAS is necessary to allow the Synology SPK to install correctly

· 6 min read

Elara is the latest entry in our quarterly rollup series. It branches off from our main rolling Voyager development, into a fixed target for our partners to qualify and build upon.

Comet Elara takes its name from another moon of Jupiter - It is the eighth largest Jovian satellite, and is named after Elara, one of Zeus’ lovers. It was discovered on 5 January 1905.

Elara brings 12 features and 24 enhancements, including a new Settings page in the Comet Server web interface; support for WebAuthn as a 2FA method; and single file or folder restore for Disk Image backups. All users of the previous quarterly series 21.11.x ‘Himalia’ and earlier are encouraged to upgrade, but we’re happy for them to continue using older quarterly versions if they are not experiencing any issues.

As always for a new quarterly release, there are two changelogs for 22.2.0 ‘Elara’ depending on whether you are coming from the previous quarterly or the previous Voyager.

Changes compared to 21.11.3

  • Terminology: 'Organisations' are now 'Tenants'
  • Deprecation: Comet Server no longer supports Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008. Note that the Comet Backup desktop app continues to support Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008; this only affects Comet Server. Windows Server 2008 R2 is still supported for both Comet Server and the Comet Backup desktop app.
  • Deprecation: Removed support for U2F for two-factor authentication for admin users due to the removal of U2F from browsers (read more here). Existing U2F 2FA will be automatically migrated to use WebAuthn when the Comet Server instance is upgraded; this requires no action on an admin's part, and the same U2F devices can continue to be used.

New Features

  • Replaced the Comet Server web interface Setup Wizard with a Settings page
  • Add option to create ISO file as the recovery media in the Comet Backup desktop app
  • Added support for WebAuthn for two-factor authentication for admin users, including support for Windows Hello Face / Fingerprint / PIN, Android SafetyNet / Fingerprint and other Hardware Security Keys
  • Add new wizard for synchronizing time zone in the recovery environment
  • Added three new S3-compatible storage providers: Digital Ocean, Catalyst Cloud, and Cynny Space
  • Added Test Connection button to verify Storage Role credentials in the Comet Server web interface settings screen
  • Add the new schedule option "If last job was Missed" to allow a backup job to run as soon as the Comet client is reconnected when there are missed jobs
  • Support to restore single files and folders from Disk Image backup on both Comet Backup desktop app and Comet Server web interface (current only support for NTFS)
  • Support for generating Synology SPKs for DSM 6 and DSM 7 for the Comet command line client, which can be used instead of the generic .tar.gz installer for Synology NAS devices. SPKs integrate with the Synology package center and are not removed by DSM upgrades.
  • Add a quick search component to the admin web interface. Storage Vaults, Protected Items and User Profiles can be searched for
  • Allow configuring how often a retention pass runs after a backup job
  • Support to restore single file and folder from VMDK snapshot as archive (zip, tar, tar.gz, and sqfs) and download only