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24.3.8 Voyager released

· 2 min read

Changes compared to 24.3.7


  • Added configuration to the Comet Server to set the maximum number of CPU cores that are allowed to be used when generating new builds of the Comet Backup client software
  • Added a new environment variable (COMETD_TMPDIR) to allow configuration of the temp directory used by the Comet Server when running in Linux

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue which caused the SEVT_TENANT_UPDATED event to emit the tenant name instead of the tenant ID
  • Fixed an issue where the "Open Folder" button was not visible in the Comet Backup desktop app after a restore job had completed
  • Fixed an issue where the "Open Folder" button in the Comet Backup desktop app failed to open a file browser at the location of the restored files for UNC paths
  • Fixed an issue where S3 backups showed a Object Lock error about enabling Versioning on the S3 bucket instead of the real failure
  • Fixed an issue where audit logs would not be pruned if Authentication Role was set to keep logs indefinitely
  • Fixed an issue where setting "If the last job was Missed" on a schedule triggered extra backup jobs if the device's live connection dropped while the scheduled job was still running