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24.3.2 Voyager released

· 2 min read

Changes compared to 24.3.1

New Features

  • Added a new permission for enabling/disabling the ability for an admin account to delete a Storage Vault


  • Added "Account Name" as an additional data column to the Devices page in the Comet Server web interface
  • Improved the performance of browsing files and folders for granular restores
  • Reduced the amount of data downloaded while browsing files and folders for granular restores
  • Improved the performance of simulated granular restores
  • Implemented restoration of metadata for files and folders restored during granular restore
  • Improved the performance of granular restores when restoring directories containing few files
  • Improved error handling when a file or folder fails to restore correctly in granular restores

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that allowed new Storage Vaults to be added using the Comet Server API even if adding a Storage Vault is restricted for a tenant admin
  • Fixed an issue where restoring symlinks to a SquashFS archive caused the archive to be invalid
  • Fixed an issue where granular restores to SquashFS archives that include files from multiple partitions or disks do not restore all files
  • Fixed an issue where selecting a directory containing a virtual disk for granular restore would restore some of the VMDK files as well as the disk contents
  • Fixed an issue preventing granular restores from restoring files and folders from inside and outside a virtual disk in the same restore job
  • Fixed an issue causing granular restores to archive formats to create symlinks on disk instead of inside the archive
  • Fixed an issue causing the "Overwrite if existing file is newer" option to be ignored by granular restores
  • Fixed an issue with reduced performance when running Comet Backup for Linux on ARMv7 CPUs