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23.9.11 ‘Voyager’ released

· 2 min read

Changes compared to 23.9.10

New Features

  • Support new "Latest VM State (Changed Block Tracking)" option for Hyper-V for improved backup performance.

  • Added support for VMware ESXi hosts running on a free license. Comet now supports both the free and paid versions of VMware for backups and restores.

  • Added the ability to enforce policies created by a top-level administrator onto tenant administrators and tenant users. This allows top-level administrator to enforce settings and preferences across an entire Comet Server.


  • Improved the admin accounts dialogue to have a separate Policies tab in the Comet Server web interface.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the Comet Backup desktop app not refreshing the Job History when a new backup job is started.
  • Fixed an issue with hourly scheduler where it failed to adjust correctly to the USA Daylight Savings Time (DST)
  • Fixed an issue with the Comet Backup desktop app jumping to a different Protected Item view when there is a Protected Item being edited. This usually occurred when a scheduled backup was run.
  • Fixed an issue where VMware snapshots created in CBT mode had incomplete chunks.
  • Fixed an issue with the My Devices chart on the Comet Server web interface failing to render.