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23.6.8 ‘Voyager’ released

· 2 min read

Changes compared to 23.6.7

Breaking changes

  • New, simpler configuration may be required for PKCS11 Authenticode codesigning with a hardware dongle

New Features

  • Added support for using OpenID Connect 1.0 for Single Sign-On for Comet Server admin users. This allows admin users to authenticate themselves to Comet Server using their existing credentials at an external Identity Provider, such as Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure AD), Google, or other OIDC providers


  • Added a caching layer to speed up index lookups when using on-disk indexes. This improves the performance of all jobs which are run with the "Prefer temporary files instead of RAM (slower)" setting enabled
  • Added readahead capability to the MySQL and MSSQL restorer. This will improve restore performance when network latency is present
  • Removed the glibc requirement for Authenticode codesigning on a Linux ARM64 Comet Server
  • Improved Microsoft 365 message batch processing to better handle unexpected network issues
  • Improved formatting for Microsoft 365 errors in the job log
  • Added "Account Name" as a togglable field to the Recent Activity page in the Comet Server web interface
  • Improved page load performance of the Settings page of the Comet Server web interface for limited-permission admins

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with settings that can be viewed or edited in multiple sections of the Settings page in the Comet Server web interface getting out of sync
  • Fixed an issue with "Failed to create a SunPKCS11 provider" error messages when performing Authenticode codesigning using a PKCS11 hardware device
  • Fixed an issue with admin users with the "Prevent viewing and editing server settings" permission set still being able to see the Settings menu item in the Comet Server web interface navigation bar
  • Fixed an issue with some Comet Server API endpoints failing when called as a global admin
  • Fixed an issue with the same error message being reported twice when Comet fails to load a blob from a Storage Vault
  • Fixed an issue with images uploaded to the Icon (macOS) Client Branding field sometimes becoming corrupted during conversion
  • Fixed an issue with the initial Storage Vault size measurement not being recorded for very short backup jobs