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23.12.7 Voyager released

· One min read

Changes compared to 23.12.6


  • Added server log messages to Comet Server startup to indicate when certain subprocesses have finished initializing
  • Added a S3-compatible (Object Lock) storage vault template type
  • Improved Microsoft 365 incremental backups of SharePoint Sites and OneDrive to be more efficient and quicker

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing the Comet Backup desktop app to enable Object Lock on a Storage Vault when Object Lock was not enabled
  • Fixed an issue with "unknown header" messages when connecting to a Storage Vault that has multiple files in the keys subdirectory
  • Fixed an issue causing some reporting filters to consistently use the first option instead of the selected option
  • Fixed an issue with the Recent Activity Email so it now correctly counts jobs which span multiple days
  • Fixed an issue with the Recent Activity Email so it now matches the same period as the Recent Activity Report in the Comet Server web interface
  • Fixed an issue with remote software updates for Windows clients
  • Fixed an issue with the Linux deb package not being present when listing the available software downloads via the API