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22.9.8 ‘Voyager’ released

· 2 min read

Changes compared to 22.9.7

Notice: The Authenticode certificate used by Comet has been renewed. When installing the Windows version of Comet Server or Comet Backup, you may see Windows Defender Smartscreen prompts for approximately one week as the replacement certificate builds reputation.

New Features

  • Support Comet Backup on Apple silicon


  • Enhancement: Increased job history lookup speed for servers with many user profiles
  • Enhancement: Minor improvements to performance and memory usage
  • Enhancement: Improved TLS ciphersuite selection in Comet Server's built-in HTTPS server
  • Enhancement: Increase number of worker threads for Storage Role replication

Bug Fixes

  • Fix an issue with Custom commands (Before/Thaw/After, or Program Output backup, or Program Input restore) unexpectedly searching inside Comet's install directory. A full path or a rooted relative path (./) is now required for custom commands.
  • Fix an issue with not respecting the "OLE DB (32-bit)" option when performing a streaming restore into Microsoft SQL Server
  • Fix an issue with Apple codesigning on Comet Server running on Windows having an undocumented dependency on the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable
  • Fix a cosmetic issue with text spelling in the header bar when using the search restore feature in the Comet Backup desktop app