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22.9.4 ‘Voyager’ released

· 2 min read

Changes compared to 22.9.3

New Features

  • Added the ability to duplicate Protected Items in the Comet Backup desktop app


  • Reduce maximum concurrent installer generations to one less than the number of CPU cores, to prevent large Bulk Update Campaigns from slowing down the Comet Server
  • Reduce memory usage requirements for Comet Server Storage Role when processing a large file upload
  • Support SVG logo images in Comet Backup and in Comet Server

Bug Fixes

  • Fix an issue where transferring a user to another tenant fails due to a existing policy from old tenant
  • Fix an issue with tenants' macOS codesigning resource files being inadvertently deleted when Comet Server is started
  • Fix an issue with failing to completely restart the Comet Server on Windows after making a settings change as the top-level organization
  • Fix an issue with the RPM installer for Comet Server including the RPM spec file unnecessarily
  • Fix a cosmetic issue with unordered results when browsing databases for backup in the Comet Backup desktop app
  • Fix a cosmetic issue with inconsistent error messages when trying to install Comet Backup in different obsolete versions of Windows
  • Fix a cosmetic issue with inconsistent checkbox state for the "Prevent creating new Storage Vaults" policy option in the Comet Server web interface
  • Fix a cosmetic issue with inconsistent source names used for Windows Event Log messages from background services