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22.6.2 ‘Voyager’ released

· One min read

Changes compared to 22.6.1

New Features

  • Option to download a prebuilt codesigned client installer (Comet branded)
  • New /SERVER= silent install parameter to the Comet Backup on Windows silent install, to override the default login URL


  • Renamed all references of 'Requestable storage' to 'Storage template'

  • Allow reading default URL from Windows installer filename if there is no embedded default URL
  • Show the server login URL field in the Comet Backup desktop app if a 192.168.x.x address is used
  • Tenants can now configure its own SMTP settings to override the default one

Bug Fixes

  • Fix an issue with Comet Backup on Windows not respecting the 'Require password to open the application' Policy option for a single time after it receives credentials from the Silent Install feature
  • Fix an issue with missed backups generated when the client's time run a earlier than the server
  • Fix an issue with jobs running soon after they are finished