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22.6.0 ‘Voyager’ released

· 2 min read

Changes compared to 22.5.1


  • Support fallback domain controllers when configuring LDAP connection for administrators

Comet Server supports using external authentication sources for admin accounts. If you have a highly-available LDAP server infrastructure using multiple servers, such as an Active Directory failover cluster with primary/fallback domain controllers, you are now able to configure multiple LDAP server addresses in Comet Server. When an admin user tries to authenticate at the Comet Server login screen, if a connection to the first entry on the list fails, Comet will try the remaining entries on the list before denying the authentication attempt.

  • Update Thai translation

  • Improve handling of temporary files on Synology devices using the SPK client installer

During backup jobs, Comet saves some temporary files in the system temporary directory. In the Synology DSM operating system, the default directory for temporary files (/tmp) is a RAM disk. With this change, Comet switches to use a custom temporary directory. This reduces the RAM requirements for running Comet Backup on Synology devices, meaning that large backup jobs on RAM-constrained Synology devices will no longer cause slowdown or freezes due to running out of RAM.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix an issue with extra Incomplete jobs appearing in the AdminGetJobsForDateRange API
  • Fix an issue with Server Self-Backup not removing temporary files if it was interrupted
  • Fix an issue with missing ID/Organization fields in OrganizationResponse API structures
  • Fix an issue with not blocking negative timestamps to the AdminGetJobsForDateRange API
  • Fix an issue with restore search in the Comet Backup desktop app staying disabled if no snapshots were selected for search
  • Fix an issue with blurry text in the Comet Backup and Comet Server windows installers on high-DPI displays
  • Fix an issue with long error messages if a crash occurs while Comet Server is attempting to send an email over SMTP
  • Fix an issue with Office 365 error where Comet fails to parse response of a successful request