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22.3.7 ‘Voyager’ released

· 3 min read

Thank you to our partners for getting the Chinese (Traditional) localization started! The best-quality translations come from our customers, who better understand the software and the backup industry. We appreciate any translation assistance that is offered.

If you want to correct a translation in Comet, or if you want to translate Comet into a new language, further information is available via CometBackup/translations at GitHub.

This release comes with two key improvements to server self backup. Using the new slider component you can select 'faster' or 'smaller' to optimize the compression levels for the backup. A new option has been added to exclude the job database from the Comet Server self backup. It is best practice to keep regular backups of your comet server. Some very large databases can cause this to be a high cpu operation. In this case, we recommend having two backup schedules, one very regular backup that excludes the job database and another less regular backup that includes all databases.

We have also improved the onboarding experience for DSM-7. There is added guidance on how to configure permissions in the DSM 7 Synology SPK for the Comet client

New Features

  • Feature: Add Chinese (Traditional) language translation for client-facing text


  • Enhancement: Add an option to exclude jobs database from a server self-backup schedule
  • Enhancement: Add an option to select compression level for server self-backup.
  • Enhancement: Add support for cross-tenant operations in AdminAddUser, AdminPoliciesList, AdminRequestStorageVaultProviders, and related APIs
  • Enhancement: Allow requesting new Storage Vaults for cross-tenant accounts using the tenant's own available storage providers
  • Enhancement: Allow 'tar.zst' (tzst) file format when restoring data as an archive
  • Enhancement: Added guidance for configuring permissions in the DSM 7 Synology SPK for the Comet client.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix an issue with logging in to the web interface when using an ambiguous username, and 2factor enabled for the account.
  • Fix an issue with showing unusable tenant's Policy options for a user when logged in as the top-level administrator in the Comet Server web interface
  • Fix an issue with token expiry when many Office 365 messages are processed.
  • Fix an issue with detecting tgz file extension when restoring data as an archive
  • Fix an issue with searching for files to restore by their modification date in the Comet Backup desktop app
  • Fix an issue with not creating the target directory when restoring data as an archive
  • Fix a cosmetic issue with missing translation text in tables in the Comet Server web interface
  • Fix an issue with detecting the correct binary for some ARM devices in the Comet client Synology SPK installer