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22.12.2 ‘Voyager’ released

· 2 min read

Changes compared to 22.12.1

New Features

  • Feature: Add new API to count total number of jobs for a given search query.


  • Enhancement: Add ability to browse a list of databases to backup from the web interface when editing MySQL, MSSQL, or MongoDB Protected Items.
  • Enhancement: Update Portuguese (Brazil) translation.
  • Enhancement: Reduce peak memory requirements for rewriting index files during Retention passes.
  • Enhancement: Minor performance improvement for searching job history.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix an issue with Comet failing to rename files when using an SFTP Storage Vault that connects to an SFTP server running on Windows.
  • Fix an issue with token-based silent installation on Windows failing to auto-login the client.
  • Fix an issue with x509 hostname error message displaying hosts related to the affected certificate.
  • Fix an issue with not updating the statistics chart on the Comet Server homepage screen.
  • Fix an issue with the Comet Backup for Windows installer if Authenticode signing is not enabled.
  • Fix an issue with 'Next' runtime showing incorrect estimate for Weekly schedules.
  • Fix a cosmetic issue with STATS_V2 messages appearing in the log for a newly created Comet Server.