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21.8.0 ‘Amalthea’ released

· 2 min read

Changes compared to 21.5.1

  • Move Comet Backup for Windows' saved username/password for auto-logon from AppData into the registry

New Features

  • Support 'Advanced Filter' to include all files matching pattern or regular expression
  • Update translations for all supported languages
  • Allow to test connection for storage vaults
  • Support two new s3-compatible storage providers "Filebase" and "Storadera"
  • Allow specifying target operating system when configuring a Default Protected Item in a Policy in the Comet Server web interface
  • Use two-pane widget when choosing files to restore in the Comet Server web interface, improving performance and allowing sort and search filters
  • Add new NoMissedBackupEventsBefore configuration option to prevent Missed backup jobs being generated in the past


  • Hide the "After disk snapshot" command option from Protected Item types which do not take disk snapshots
  • Update the style of Two-Factor Authentication configuration when configuring Admin user accounts in the Comet Server setup wizard, to match the user's own settings page
  • Uncover the error when the Wasabi bucket location is discovered
  • Add more detailed information about generating new custom serial numbers during the Comet Server install process on Windows and Linux (deb)
  • Add the new ap-northeast-1 Japan region URL into the searching list of Wasabi regions
  • Add more examples when adding an include/exclude filter with patterns or regular expressions
  • Add version number information to more Windows exe files
  • Minor performance improvement for starting backup jobs (avoid redownloading snapshot)
  • Minor performance increase for job database files in Comet Server by increasing page cache size
  • Minor performance improvement for the Comet Backup desktop app communicating with the background services
  • Faster cleanup of temporary files when generating a Comet Server Self-Backup
  • Improve performance of backup jobs by skipping the initial file scanning phase, if the information is not needed for quota enforcement nor for the Comet Backup desktop app interface

Changes compared to 21.6.16

  • Disable Office 365 support for the Amalthea release track. To continue using Office 365, please continue to use the Voyager release track.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix an issue with not generating Missed backup job entries if "Keep Job logs for" was set to Unlimited
  • Fix an issue with excessive job report size when failing to optimize a backup job snapshot