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21.6.1 ‘Voyager’ released

· One min read

Changes compared to 21.6.0 and 21.5.1


  • Support restoring Office 365 OneDrive files to Office 365 cloud

Bug Fixes

  • Fix an issue with Office 365 contacts nested inside folders
  • Fix an issue with registering new Office 365 applications if the Comet Server was using HTTPS or had a custom logo image
  • Fix an issue with restoring Office 365 emails to cloud
  • Fix an issue with Comet Backup exiting when previewing some Office 365 email messages if no folder is selected
  • Fix an issue with unexpected "Success" job status if a remote Comet Backup update did not have the expected software version after upgrade
  • Fix an issue with "Test Connection" sometimes appearing to have failed immediately after registering a new Office 365 application