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21.3.0 ‘Voyager’ released

· 2 min read

Changes compared to 21.2.1

  • The top-level administrator user accounts can now only log in to the Comet Server web interface at a non-Organization URL

New Features

  • Support suspending an Organization
  • Support advanced search queries when restoring files in the Comet Backup desktop app
  • Allow multiple admin users to have the same username if they belong to different Organizations


  • Allow searching for backed-up files by object type, such as symlink / block device / EFS-encrypted file in the Comet Backup desktop app
  • Compress older backup job logs inside the comet-jobs.db3 file, reducing file size
  • Minor performance improvement for the Comet Backup desktop app
  • Cosmetic redesign the SSH tunnel popup for MongoDB Protected Items to use standard Property Sheet style

Bug Fixes

  • Fix an issue with growing memory usage of the backup-interface process when opening and closing a lot of dialog windows
  • Fix an issue with growing filesize of the comet-sessions.db3-wal file
  • Fix an issue with intermittent delays if there is a lot of admin web/api traffic to the Comet Server
  • Fix an issue with unclear admin account descriptions in Comet Server log messages because admin usernames are no longer unique
  • Fix an issue with malformed API responses when logging in to Comet Server if the disk is full
  • Fix a cosmetic issue with incorrect timestamps displayed in the Comet Server logs if Self-Backup is falling behind its job schedule