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20.9.5 ‘Voyager’ released

· 2 min read

Changes compared to 20.9.4

Switching to use the PAX format causes spurious "PaxHeaders.0" directories to appear in current (19.00) versions of 7-Zip. This should be resolved soon by a new 7-Zip update. There is no such problem using GNU Tar or bsdtar/libarchive.


  • Perform network time sync when booting the USB Recovery Media
  • Ensure more fidelity for restoring non-ASCII filenames, atime/ctime, and timestamps with sub-second precision inside TAR archives by switching to PAX format
  • Automatically select USB device if only one is available when generating USB Recovery Media

Bug Fixes

  • Fix an issue with crashing when failing to restore an entire disk image
  • Fix an issue with failing to take a VSS snapshot if Acronis VSS providers were incompletely uninstalled
  • Fix an issue with Disk Image backup jobs reporting a 2048 to 4096 byte shortage on System Reserved and Windows Recovery partitions
  • Fix an issue with zero files restored when selecting a subdirectory for restore
  • Fix an issue with fatal "Unsupported operation" errors if a mounted volume on macOS does not support performing fsync
  • Fix an issue with mixed TAR header formats causing "failed to open archive" error messages in 7-Zip
  • Fix a cosmetic issue with rebranded product names in the WinRE Tools menu
  • Fix a cosmetic issue with missing device name in error message if Comet is unable to determine whether a disk device is ready for backup