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20.3.5 ‘Voyager’ released

· One min read

Changes compared to 20.3.4

New Features

  • Option to automatically request new buckets on Wasabi Cloud Storage
  • Add a new policy to hide all cloud storage branding from client-side interfaces
  • Add a live-connection action to remotely uninstall Comet Backup software
  • Add a new Command-line option to remove saved credentials when using the Comet Backup silent uninstaller
  • Offer to remotely uninstall the Comet Backup software when deleting an account or revoking a device from the Comet Server web interface

Bug Fixes

  • Fix an issue with the "also remove saved credentials" checkbox when manually uninstalling Comet Backup on Windows
  • Fix an issue that could cause Comet Backup to hang indefinitely when failing to write restored data content to the local disk
  • Fix an issue that could prevent making a live-connection on Linux if the device was required to change its password
  • Fix an issue with "hash mismatch" errors when using the Request system to add a cloud bucket as a Storage Vault
  • Fix a cosmetic issue with inconsistent pagination button colours in the Comet Server web interface