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20.12.1 ‘Voyager’ released

· One min read

Changes compared to 20.11.2 and 20.12.0


  • Reduce memory usage in the Comet Backup desktop app when communicating with the background service
  • Reduce memory usage when uploading replacement index files during a Retention Pass
  • Reduce memory usage when loading index files from a Storage Vault
  • Improve performance when deleting single files from large directories within a past backup job snapshot
  • Improve performance when processing Storage Vaults containing a large number of snapshots
  • Improve performance of user profile operations if a Storage Vault contains a lot of shared data, by truncating deduplication analysis data
  • Reduce peak server load in Comet Server by extending the reconnection time window for live device connections
  • Automatically clean up packindex files if a consistency issue is detected, and during reindex operations

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a cosmetic issue with Go-http-client entries appearing in the User-Agent field of access logs
  • Fix a cosmetic issue with "warning 6000" error messages in the Comet Server server log when generating Windows client installers