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18.9.3 ‘Voyager’ released

· One min read

Changes compared to 18.9.2

New Features

  • New custom email report system
  • Allow defining a job filter for email reports
  • Allow defining multiple email reports per recipient email address in a single user account


  • Allow searching jobs by duration, time since started
  • Improve performance and reduce memory usage for saving index files into Storage Vaults, particularly during retention passes
  • Allow editing existing email addresses in the Comet Server web interface
  • Improve performance of loading the Protected Item editor, Storage Vault editor, and Setup Wizard in the Comet Server web interface

Bug Fixes

  • Fix an issue with not updating modification times for backup schedules, causing spurious missed-backup reports when changing schedule settings
  • Fix an issue that could prevent detecting ARM CPU variants when installing Comet Backup for Linux
  • Fix an issue with missing log messages in some situations if the deep-verify status could not be persisted to the user profile