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18.12.4 ‘Voyager’ released

· One min read

Changes compared to 18.12.3

New Features

  • Update Spanish translation


  • Upgrade Qt library used on Windows 7+ (improve support for touchscreen devices, support new Windows UI Automation framework)
  • Portuguese and Spanish language translations fall back to each other instead of English, if possible
  • Extend retry behaviour for S3-compatible storage destinations (including Google Cloud Storage)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix an issue with logging in to the Comet Server web interface as an admin account with two-factor authentication
  • Fix an issue with ERR_UNKNOWN_DEVICE errors if Comet is unable to read the device's hardware ID, by trying to using a cached value
  • Fix an issue with not remembering login credentials on software updates and/or reboots in Comet Backup for macOS
  • Fix a cosmetic issue with missing icons in Internet Explorer 11 only when the Comet Server is running on Windows
  • Fix a cosmetic issue with wrong icon sizes on the Account tab in Comet Backup for macOS
  • Fix a cosmetic issue with wrong dialog padding on the My Account popup in Comet Backup for macOS