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17.8.1 ‘Gaia’ released

· 2 min read

Changes compared to 17.8.0


  • Support unencrypted connections to third-party Azure Blob Storage-compatible endpoints
  • Skip retention pass if another device is currently performing it, within time limits
  • Add warning when configuring an invalid remote server address in the Setup Wizard in Comet Server

Bug Fixes

  • Fix an issue with "Exceeded maximum file size" with Azure Blob Storage
  • Fix an issue with zero-byte quota restrictions for new custom Storage Vaults created in Comet Backup
  • Fix an issue with generating packindex files if a network error prevented content discovery during optimisation
  • Fix an issue with not being able to edit nor remove schedules to a deleted Storage Vault in Comet Server
  • Fix an issue that could cause schedules to remain for removed Protected Items
  • Fix an issue with not respecting cache and range headers for HTTP requests to some static web resources in Comet Server
  • Fix a cosmetic issue with "exit status 1" error messages not including any additional detail
  • Fix a cosmetic issue with Storage Vault list ordering when configuring a schedule in Comet Backup
  • Fix a cosmetic issue with not displaying progress bar statuses on certain older versions of Windows Server
  • Fix a cosmetic issue with outdated terminology in early backup job log messages
  • Fix a cosmetic issue with marquee progress bars displaying a black section
  • Fix a cosmetic issue with target list ordering when requesting a new Vault in Comet Backup