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17.6.9 ‘Voyager’ released

· 2 min read

Changes compared to 17.5.5 and 17.6.8

New Features

  • Analyse content of storage vaults (scanned during retention pass; visible in Comet Server)
  • Remotely initiate a "Apply retention rules now" pass
  • Support Comet Backup on Linux x86_32 CPU architecture
  • Display the time at which a Storage Vault's size was measured in Comet Server


  • Improve performance of file list operations against Backblaze B2 Storage Vaults
  • Some reductions in installed filesize for Comet Backup on Windows
  • Improve transfer performance of large API responses from Comet Server

Bug Fixes

  • Fix an issue with using B2 and OpenStack Swift storage as a Comet Server destination
  • Fix an issue with application compatibility information on Windows
  • Fix an issue with relying on the Windows temporary directory during VSS backups
  • Fix a cosmetic issue with error dialogs in Comet Backup
  • Fix a cosmetic issue with unclear error messages when the pre-logon service fails to install
  • Fix a cosmetic issue with Google Cloud Storage and S3-compatible Storage Vaults in Comet Server
  • Fix a cosmetic issue with dropdown ordering when performing a live-connection action in Comet Server
  • Fix a cosmetic issue with editing B2 settings in the Comet Server web interface