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17.6.4 ‘Voyager’ released

· One min read

Changes compared to 17.6.3

New Features

  • Support Backblaze B2 as a data storage location
  • Support OpenStack Swift as a data storage location


  • Improve performance of restoring backups from Amazon S3 and S3-compatible servers
  • Improve Comet Server memory usage when the Storage Role stores data on a cloud location
  • Improve performance of receiving automatic SSL certificates
  • Display Storage Vault icon on Comet Server user pages

Bug Fixes

  • Fix an issue with respecting rate limits for automatic SSL certificates
  • Fix an issue with machines with broken IPv6 connectivity when connecting to an S3-compatible server
  • Fix an issue with temporary files on Linux
  • Fix an issue with displaying permanent exclusions (pagefile, recycle bin) in the file picker in Comet Backup
  • Fix an issue with file size calculation for files whose size changes during backup
  • Fix a cosmetic issue with error messages when encountering some types of invalid data in the Storage Vault
  • Fix a cosmetic issue with Microsoft Exchange Server iconography in Comet Server
  • Fix a cosmetic issue with log files whose size increases during a backup operation