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17.3.6 ‘Voyager’ released

· One min read

Changes compared to 17.2.8 and 17.3.5

New Features

  • Option to specify custom known_hosts file or ignore ssh hostkeys for SFTP connections
  • Web interface to restart service in Comet Server


  • Update Dutch translation
  • Simplify storage configuration in the Comet Server Service Manager setup wizard
  • Expand translation coverage in Comet Server's web interface
  • Automatically restart Comet Server in sample systemd unit file for "Linux (other)" platforms

Bug Fixes

  • Fix an issue with selecting custom paths in Comet Server Service Manager
  • Fix a cosmetic issue with Comet Server Service Manager window appearance at launch
  • Fix a cosmetic issue with the "Edit Raw Profile" feature in Comet Server
  • Fix a cosmetic issue with "HTTP 404" entries in the log file if a text-based logo was used in email reports