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· 2 min read

Last month we premiered our inaugural Research & Development Week. Previous to this, developers worked on independent projects during Comet’s quarterly Hackathon. We changed up the format in Q1 to instead have a consolidated focus on high impact initiatives. Our developers split into three teams to collaborate on improving your user experience.

The three projects were scoped and designed by our CTO and Product Engineering Manager. Each team presented initial ideas, proof of concept, findings, and next steps. We utilized this collaborative, team-based approach to mix developers with differing specialties, who don’t normally work together, for synergistic problem-solving sessions to improve the software.

The three topics were:

  • Can we make an awesome experience restoring data from the Comet Server web interface?
  • Can we upgrade how Comet uses memory when running backup / restore jobs?
  • Can we improve how we backup / restore data to and from S3 storage vaults?

R&D week was a great success. We made great progress in all three areas. Some of the research and development work is making its way to become production ready code, and others need a bit more time to become features for Comet customers.

It was rewarding to challenge our team in areas outside their traditional expertise and get some wins on the board over the course of a few days to improve Comet.

· 3 min read

World Backup Day serves as a timely reminder to review your backup strategies and to educate your end users and partners on the importance of data backup.

While World Backup Day is observed annually on March 31st, MSPs and IT providers play a critical role in protecting businesses and organisations every day of the year.

History of World Backup Day

World Backup Day was created in 2011 and started with a post on Reddit where a user wrote about losing their hard drive and wished someone had reminded them about how important it is to backup data. World Backup Day highlights the importance of securing and protecting data.

Why is data backup important?

In today’s digital age, data backup and data protection is critical for businesses and organisation to help protect against:

  • Ransomware
  • Cybersecurity attacks
  • Human error
  • Data loss
  • Hardware malfunction
  • Power failure
  • Natural disasters

Having a robust backup solution and solid restore process will help safeguard against these threats and help minimize downtime for your end users and clients.

Reminders for World Backup Day

Here are some top tips:

  • Review your backup strategy and solutions for different data types, backup types, storage solutions and destinations
  • Regularly test your backup and restore processes
  • Check backup schedules to confirm they are running as intended
  • Automate and streamline processes to save time such as email reports and job log alerts
  • Make sure your servers and databases are backed up, not just your endpoints

Comet Backup for MSPs, IT Providers & Businesses

A secure and reliable backup platform is essential to MSPs & IT Providers’ backup and disaster recovery (BDR) strategy to maintain business continuity in the event of a security incident.

Here are some of the core features & benefits of Comet Backup:

  • Easy to use: Comet Backup has an intuitive, easy-to-use web console where you can remotely manage and protect devices. Comet is fast and easy to set up – start running backups and restores in less than 15 minutes.

  • Flexible: Choose Comet Storage powered by Wasabi for an all-in-one storage solution, or utilize your own storage, whether that’s an on-prem solution or a S3 compatible storage provider (including AWS, Backblaze, Wasabi, Azure, and more). You’re in control of where your data sits.

  • Fast, efficient chunking technology: Advanced backup algorithm packages data into small blocks for faster uploads and downloads, saving valuable time.

  • Reliable, Safe & Secure: Data is encrypted during backup, transit, and rest. Comet is also HIPPA and GDPR compliant.

  • Client-side deduplication: Reduces redundant data, ensuring more efficient storage usage and therefore cost savings.

  • Incremental forever without full re-uploads: After the initial backup, only changes are uploaded, conserving bandwidth, and accelerating the backup process.

  • Compression and encryption: Client data is compact for storage efficiency and secured against breaches, ensuring peace of mind.

Protect your data this World Backup Day

World Backup Day is a great time to educate and remind your end users and partners of the importance of data backup. Your goal as IT Providers and MSPs is to provide the best support and solutions to give your partners peace of mind and confidence that their businesses’ data is safe and protected.

Test drive Comet Backup with a 30-day FREE trial, or book a discovery call with our team to learn more about how Comet can help your business.

· 4 min read

We get asked often by our users what can they do to sharpen up their backup marketing and overall messaging in the face of rising competition. To answer this best I turned to Nicola Devine over at Tanker Creative to not only answer how you can improve it and attract more customers but for actionable steps that any busy backup provider could undertake. Below is part 1.

The Tanker Universe… it’s not that complicated

Tanker WEBSITE Tips: Online and Feeling Fine 101

By Nicola Devine, Tanker Creative

Blogs, Websites, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, SnapChat, MailChimp, Facebook, Instagram – woah Nelly! So many channels, so, sooooo time consuming simply to work out which one/s to use and how to wield their weapons of choice whether hashtags, boosts or meta tags – it’s enough to cause a collective rumble of global eye rolling.

Chunk It Down

Let’s make it simple right now and focus on the most important online channel when it comes to marketing your business, building credibility, awareness, educating visitors on your offering and providing a way for them to engage your services or purchase your products. Your website.

Why is YOUR website the ultimate shiz?

Websites are awesome for most businesses for many reasons: First up because your content is not in an channel such as FaceBook or Instagram that you have little control over when it comes to the content, imagery, functionality, random upgrades… your website is your best opportunity for an awesome gig.

To get things running smoothly when it comes to websites consider a few things. Number #1 – get something up! Even if it’s one page with your logo, contact details and an email, and build from there. #2 people are nosy – make sure you have an About page, start loading up your products or services, and add a News page.

News or Blog pages are great on a couple of levels and worth committing to. You know that thing about people being nosy? Well they also like the latest goss, so adding a news post at least once is a great idea, that way, when people come back to your site they know there always be something new to check out. Google also loves it when you’re adding new content to your site – it’s helping your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

More nifty tips for news posts:

  • Install an SEO plug-in like YOAST and fill out your snippets and keywords. And make sure you incluse your keyword in your text a few times too.
  • There’s a lot of talk about how much content to write, but aim for a minimum of 300 words. Other studies say anything from 1500 to 3000 is optimal!
  • Consider design. Don’t make your news post a wall of words. Break it up with some different elements such as graphs, images, bullet points, bold text, italicised text, text in a coloured or framed box, quotes. Bring a hierarchy of information to the page so that even if someone only has a minute to look at it they’ll see the most important take aways.
  • Add a call to action at the end. You’ve provided some information, inspiration even some badass attitude. Invite the reader to continue the conversation – whether it’s to contact you for a cuppa, come back again soon or sign up for a service or product.
  • Get the hook ups to Google Analytics and check out what your visitors are doing. That data is cool and it’ll help you refine your website further.

And that’s a wrap for today. Make sure you head back here next week for when I’ll be giving the downlow on MailChimp.

See y’all then

About Nicola Devine

Originally trained as a graphic designer in the 1990s, when iPhones were still a twinkle in Steve Jobs’ eye, Nicola has been involved in both print-based and interactive media since her time studying at Wanganui School of Design.

Tanker Creative, Nicola’s design and marketing her business, was founded in 2003, and works with a mix of corporate, luxury and creative clients on strategy, development, implementation and reporting.

Nicola is an avid follower of new technology in marketing, design and communications. She is also a contributor to Design Assembly, an organisation promoting conversations in graphic design. Her claim to fame is being on a train in Spain, on the plain, in the rain.