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23.12.2 ‘Voyager’ released

· One min read

Changes compared to 23.12.1

Notice: The deb and rpm installers for Comet Server now require glibc 2.25 or later. There are no changes to the system requirements for the tar package version of Comet Server.


  • Changed "Job History" on the Comet Server web interface and Comet Backup desktop app to "Job Logs". The Job Logs page contains logs for both running and finished jobs

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with symlinks failing to restore correctly from Disk Image backups, causing the restore job to fail
  • Fixed an issue with relative symlinks being restored as links into the Comet Backup desktop app's installation directory
  • Fixed an issue with VMware backup attempting to back up PSF files. PSF files for vSphere Replication will now be ignored
  • Fixed an issue with VMware backup where quiesce snapshots creates two files instead of one
  • Fixed an issue with VMware backup when a virtual machine directory is located more than a level deep from the datastore root
  • Fixed an issue with an incorrect check of allocated areas during VMware vSphere backup