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21.12.5 ‘Voyager’ released

· 2 min read

Changes compared to 21.12.4

New Features

  • Support to restore single files and folders from Disk Image backup on both Comet Backup desktop app and Comet Server web interface (current only support for NTFS)

You can browse and restore single files and/or folders from Disk Image backup by selecting "Restore files and folders" from the restore method wizard. The feature currently only supports for NTFS.


  • Update Thai translation
  • Retry on failure when calculating Storage Vault size for more Storage Vault types
  • Show the TOTP URI when enabling TOTP so that it can be copied into a password manager
  • Show Protected Item and Storage Vault icons in more places in the Comet Server web interface

Bug Fixes

  • Fix an issue with "The system can not access the file" error messages backing up certain AppData files in the WindowsApps and Packages subdirectories
  • Fix an issue with the "Skip if already running" option checking the server-side job status for a running job even if Comet can determine a definitive answer from the local Storage Vault lock files
  • Fix an issue with suppressing the unnecessary 'checking for alternates' warning message in the log
  • Fix a cosmetic issue with element spacing when configuring advanced backup job options in the Comet Server web interface