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Behind the Microphone

· 2 min read

Who are you talking to when you’re on a support call with Comet? Nicholas (Sales Engineer) is our support guru. A large, professional microphone sits on his desk to ensure a clear line of communication with our clients. “It’s great to connect with people remotely. I love that we work with businesses located all over the globe.”

Nick’s passion for technology started at a young age with gaming. Fun fact, as a teenager, Nicholas won the first-ever Australian Mario Kart Tournament event held by Nintendo. The final match was a showdown between top competitors on the newest game. “I caused a pileup on Rainbow Road trying to avoid the deadly Blue Shell that goes after the player in first place. I slowed down to let the others pass me. Instead, my competitors slowed down too. It ended up hitting all of us! That made the crowd laugh.”

The Blue Shell has a reputation for smashing dreams since the mid-90s. And let’s face it, nothing smashes dreams like IT problems. Before joining the Comet team, Nick previously worked for an MSP. “I wish I’d had Comet Backup to manage customer’s data back then.”

Nick loves researching technologies that are pushing the envelope, whether that’s AI, neuroscience, autonomous vehicles, or the burgeoning possibilities for VR. “My hobby is learning. I focus on one thing until I get good at it. If you keep learning, you’re going to get results. It’s awesome to see once you’ve internalized what you’ve learned, your progress jumps really fast.” Nick’s always looking for opportunities to improve and develop – be that in the realm of tech or studying business management with an entrepreneurial lens.

What keeps him excited and passionate in his role here at Comet is the growing team size. “The technology behind our software is cutting edge. It’s exciting when we have new features. With more developers on the team, we’re pushing out new features at a greater rate. We’re able to work on the small changes alongside the larger features. That’s really exciting.”

“The technology behind our software is cutting edge. That’s really exciting.”

- Nicholas, Sales Engineer