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17.8.0 ‘Gaia’ released

· 4 min read

Changes compared to 17.6.15

Bug Fixes

  • Fix an issue that could cause "unexpected character r" errors connecting to OpenStack Swift storage providers
  • Fix an issue with editing OpenStack Swift settings from within Comet Backup
  • Fix a cosmetic issue with button hover behaviour in Comet Backup

Changes compared to 17.5.5

  • Reduce scope of the Setup Wizard in Comet Server Service Manager - Use the full settings wizard in the web interface

New Features

  • Policy option to prevent users from deleting Storage Vaults
  • Allow editing default quota limits for Storage Vaults created via Request
  • Exclude files from backup via regular expression
  • Quota limits on Storage Vaults
  • Option to prevent admin users from editing server settings or shutting down/restarting server
  • Analyse content of storage vaults (scanned during retention pass; visible in Comet Server)
  • Remotely initiate a "Apply retention rules now" pass
  • Support Comet Backup on Linux x86_32 CPU architecture
  • Display the time at which a Storage Vault's size was measured in Comet Server
  • Option to add a UNC path as a root option in the File picker in Comet Backup
  • Support Backblaze B2 as a data storage location
  • Support OpenStack Swift as a data storage location
  • Support sending email via Gmail account in Comet Server
  • Add Device name, Protected Item name, Storage Vault name to the Job History page in Comet Server
  • Option to toggle displayed columns in Comet Server
  • Allow searching through software documentation
  • New backup type "VSS-Aware Component"
  • Option to install pre-logon service in Comet Backup
  • Option to log out of Comet Backup
  • Display file sizes, total file size when selecting files in Comet Backup


  • Display other device's total protected item size in Comet Backup
  • Display Storage Vault quota limits in Comet Backup
  • Option to display Protected Items from other devices when restoring data in Comet Backup
  • Option to terminate remote connection process in Advanced options in Comet Server
  • Simplify some branding configuration options in the Setup Wizard in Comet Server
  • Display more detailed error messages when failing to load directory content from a Storage Vault
  • Remember the rows-per-page setting for tables when navigating in Comet Server
  • Improve VSS reliability in Comet Backup for Windows by always using the system VSS provider
  • Additional instructions when using the Setup Wizard to configure custom branding in Comet Server
  • Include full installer log in Comet job log when updating Comet Backup on Linux
  • Improve performance of file list operations against Backblaze B2 Storage Vaults
  • Some reductions in installed filesize for Comet Backup on Windows
  • Improve transfer performance of large API responses from Comet Server
  • Explain where to find diagnosis when failing to generate branded software installers in Comet Server
  • Faster loading file picker when restoring items in Comet Backup
  • If UNC paths were selected for backup, include them in the File picker in Comet Backup
  • Improve performance of initial connections to Backblaze B2 Storage Vaults
  • Allow configuring Backblaze B2, OpenStack Swift data storage locations via Comet Server
  • Improve performance of restoring backups from Amazon S3 and S3-compatible servers
  • Improve Comet Server memory usage when the Storage Role stores data on a cloud location
  • Improve performance of receiving automatic SSL certificates
  • Display Storage Vault icon on Comet Server user pages
  • Significantly improve performance of retention pass
  • Improve startup performance when restoring an entire job containing many files, for jobs backed up with 17.6.3 or later
  • Automatically populate instance names when editing a Microsoft SQL Server Protected Item
  • Allow clicking segments of the "Online Users" widget in Comet Server to load a filtered view
  • Improve performance of viewing backup job reports in Comet Server
  • Improve performance of browsing bucket sizes in Comet Server's web interface
  • Add a descriptive message about bucket longevity when deleting a user account via the Comet Server web interface
  • Construct exclusions rather than inclusions when selecting files in Comet Backup
  • Improve display of platform name in Connected Devices page in Comet Server
  • Small performance enhancement when backing up pre-compressed files
  • Improve performance of displaying large folders when selecting files in Comet Backup
  • Always skip backup for pagefile.sys, hiberfil.sys, swapfile.sys files on Windows
  • Add icon display for Protected Items in Comet Server
  • Improve column layout and resize behaviour in the Restore dialog in Comet Backup
  • Reliability improvements to the software update process
  • Log details of software installation